Submitted to Hotnets 2019

A JavaScript de-cluttering engine that aims at simplifying web pages without compromising the page content or functionality. JSCleaner uses a classification algorithm that classifies JavaScript into three main categories: non-critical, translatable, and critical scripts. JSCleaner removes the non-critical scripts from a web page, replaces the translatable scripts with their HTML outcomes, and preserves the critical scripts.


Work in progress

The Mobile Web Transformation (MWT) toolkit enables a web administrator to analyze and transform a web page and create a significantly simpler version of the same web page functionally equivalent to the original page using a detailed analysis of objects, object layout, textual and image content of a page. Based on an analysis of MWT on a corpus of popular web pages, we show that MWT produces transformed pages that are significantly smaller in size, loads much faster and yet maintains a strong functional equivalence to the original page.


@Sigcomm 2015

An adaptive congestion control protocol designed for cellular networks. Verus leverages the relation ship between the sending window and the observed network delay by using the delay profile curve. Verus is a delay-based congestion control protocol.

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We are always on the look out for talented people to join the lab. Whether a research summer internship, a research visit, or a longer term position as a post-doc or research assistant. For inquiries please email yasir.zaki (at) nyu.edu.

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